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3 Great Home Improvement Investments For Your La Jolla Home

November 21, 2013 BY Utechservs

130024624_B01_18La Jolla Luxury HomeLa Jolla MansionsIt is a great time to be a homeowner in La Jolla, with home values increasing at a much higher rate than the national average. With home prices rising, you may be considering selling your home in the next few years to get the most out of your investment. One way to capitalize on your sale is too do some improvements to increase the value of your home. While not all home improvements will increase value, here are three that can have a great impact on values of homes for sale in La Jolla.


  1. Kitchen remodels. Updating an older kitchen can give a nice return on your investment. Depending on the improvements you make and the size of your home, according to HGTV, you can often recoup up to 120% on a kitchen remodel.
  2. Adding a bathroom. For smaller or older homes with only one or two bathrooms, adding an extra bathroom can be a wise investment. Many buyers will shy away from homes without enough bathrooms to accommodate their needs.
  3. Creating extra living space. If your home has an attic or basement that is not being used as living space, investing in creating extra rooms in your home can pay off. La Jolla homes for sale with more bedrooms or spare rooms can have higher values when put on the market.


When it comes to time to sell your remodeled La Jolla home, let me help you get the best price possible for your investment. I can also help you find another home for sale in La Jolla, San Diego or the surrounding area, handling both your sale and purchase to make it even easier on you. Give me a call today!

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