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Become A La Jolla Night Owl And Join In The Fun

March 6, 2014 BY Utechservs


Ocean View Condo La Jolla130026373_C01_81Art in La JollaIf you are a young professional between the ages of 21-45, there is a fun art and music mixer being held at the Anthenaeum tonight. “The Night Owls” is being launched tonight at the Anthenaeum with a cocktail party mixer for the A List members, however, anyone in the age group can join in. The party is free for A List members, $10 for members and $12 for non-members.


The Night Owls have five events a year, free for A List or Night Owl members. These events offer live music, art, raffle prizes and other fun events. Plus, it is a great chance to meet other young professionals that enjoy the culture that La Jolla has to offer.


La Jolla is an amazing place to live, with incredible art, music and theater events happening every week. Want to find out what living the La Jolla life is all about? Call me to learn about the homes for sale in La Jolla and experience living in this beautiful community yourself!

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