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Best Dive Sites In La Jolla

October 18, 2013 BY Utechservs

130032935_101_81120039868_O01_73La Jolla CaliforniaPristine beaches are just the beginning of the water fun that is part of life in La Jolla. Luxury home dwellers on the ocean front can often see both surfers and divers heading out into the azure waters to enjoy the thrill of the sea from a different perspective. Scuba diving is especially amazing due to the well-protected beaches and coves that La Jolla has to offer, making it one of the best places to dive on the west coast. With an abundance of marine life and underwater wonders, the waters surrounding La Jolla are a divers paradise. Here are some of the most popular areas to dive:


  • La Jolla Cove. One of the best places to dive in the San Diego area is La Jolla Cove. For those looking for natural beauty under the surface, it contains some of the most wondrous caves, reef formations and kelp that make a perfect place for underwater photography.
  • La Jolla Shores. For those who are beginners or just prefer a calmer beach to begin your dive, La Jolla Shores is an excellent choice. The beach is well protected, making it easier to swim out into the waters. However, even skilled divers can enjoy diving at La Jolla Shores, which gives them access to the underwater La Jolla canyon.
  • Hospitals. For advanced divers that want to explore areas that are a little more difficult to access, Hospitals is an incredible place to dive. However, it is a rough water area and is not always safe for diving. When it is, there are fantastic underwater arches and sea life to make it worth the wait.


For divers, surfers or just those who love the beach, La Jolla is a beautiful place to live or just have a vacation home in to get away. If you are looking for property in La Jolla to have your own piece of paradise, let me help you find the perfect place to call your own.

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