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Declutter Your Home Before Listing It for Sale

June 14, 2013 BY Utechservs

Listing AgentOne of the easiest and quickest ways to improve the look of your home for showings after it is listed is to do some decluttering. Just consider this part of your pre-move packing. If your closets are over-stuffed, pack up whatever is not in current use. Pack up excess toys, games and DVDs. Go through each room in the house and make sure dressers, desks and table tops are cleared. Find a place for the items to be kept in the house or pack them away. To get the packed boxes out of the house, you might consider renting a small storage unit to store them in until moving day. This can be a great place to store excess tools, bicycles and equipment from the garage, as well.

The less clutter, the more spacious a home will seem to potential buyers. It also makes it easier to envision it as their own. Take the time to either pack away, store or dispose of as much of your household and garage contents as you can before your house comes on the market. If you’d like any more tips about how to prepare your home before listing it for sale, I’d be happy to do a walk-thru of your home and make some suggestions. Personalized service is the only kind of service this listing agent knows how to provide!


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