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Del Mar Racetrack Enters 74th Season

April 29, 2013 BY Utechservs

Delmar Race Track

Many people first discover how beautiful Del Mar is when they come here to visit the racetrack. It is one of the few communities that attracts both surfers and track fans. That’s exactly why Bing Crosby and his friends originally opened the Del Mar Racetrack back in 1937; they thought it was a perfect combination. It just seems to get better with age.

Celebrity greats like Raquel Welch, Jimmy Durante, Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnez have all made their homes in Del Mar over the years. Their Hollywood friends were sure to come visit during race season. The names of former owners a property in Del Mar can be big selling points for homes listed for sale in Del Mar. Having both beaches and the race track close continues to attract the very highest level of buyers to this city. Give me a call if you have a Del Mar home that is ready for listing. I can match you with highly qualified buyers that are ready to pay for the pleasure of buying a home in the Del Mar community before race season starts in July.


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