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Do You Think You Know La Jolla?

October 4, 2013 BY Utechservs

130024624_201_49La Jolla Surfing130026373_A01_81We all know that La Jolla for luxury homes and gorgeous beaches, however there are many little facts about La Jolla and the surrounding area that you may not know. This community has been in existence for well over a hundred years and has an interesting and colorful history that makes it more than just another beach town on the Pacific coast. Here are a few pieces of trivia that you may or may not know about this lovely little town.


  • What La Jolla-born famous actor founded the La Jolla Playhouse? Gregory Peck, along with Mel Ferrer and Dorothy McGuire founded the Playhouse back in 1947.
  • What film was made, yet never publicly released, in La Jolla in 1968? The Andy Warhol film, San Diego Surf was shot in La Jolla, yet never finished due to supposed police harrassment and Warhol’s death a month later.
  • What has San Diego county sent more of to New York than any other city? The Globe and the La Jolla Playhouse have sent more shows to Broadway than any other city.
  • What does La Jolla have that is larger than any other city in the U.S.? Actually two things-the largest oceanographic museum at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps and the largest collection of original Dr. Suess manuscripts and other materials at the UCSD.


If you think that La Jolla is just a place with fantastic views and incredible beaches, you need to look a little deeper below the surface of La Jolla. This community has contributed to the world in many ways and continues to be a center of artistic talent. What an amazing place to visit and live!

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