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Donate To La Jolla Charities During The giveBIG Event

May 2, 2014 BY Utechservs

La Jolla Schools130018982_I01_81120060551_101_81Philanthropy is a big part of living the La Jolla life, with so many residents generously giving to others in need. While there are many fundraising events all year round in La Jolla for a variety of great causes, there is a special opportunity to give to local charities on May 6th. The San Diego Foundation is hosting the annual giveBig event that offers a way to give to local charities, with an additional $150,000 in incentive donations available for participating charities.


The May 6th giveBig event is a 24-hour online networking and awareness opportunity for local charities and contributors. From midnight on Tuesday, May 6th until 11:59 pm, donations are accepted on the San Diego Foundation’s website. Choose from hundreds of local charities, including those in La Jolla, with gifts starting at $25. Charities can receive a percentage of the $150,000 pool of additional donations based on the contributions that are donated to them during the event.


A large part of what makes La Jolla such an incredible place to live is the many non-profit organizations that support the arts and other interests in the community. Take this opportunity to support these worthy causes during the giveBig event to make La Jolla and San Diego a better place for everyone who lives in this beautiful region. For more information on living in La Jolla, homes for sale and to schedule an appointment, call me today!

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