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Enjoy the Race Season from Your La Jolla Luxury Home

August 11, 2013 BY Utechservs

0586ed5dd2691a19926d429ec229479030e120037985La Jolla Luxury HomeDelmar Race TrackRight now we are in the height of the Del Mar race season here in La Jolla. The race track opened the season in mid-July with all its usual fanfare. Ladies with broad-brimmed hats accompanied their gentlemen in their usual regal fashion for the opening day. Although plenty of race fans travel to La Jolla for the opening event and throughout the race season, a large number of the attendees own their own La Jolla luxury home. Friends from Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York stay in the guest rooms of these beautiful homes. There isn’t a single La Jolla luxury home that was built without entertaining in mind. After all, if you own a home in La Jolla, your friends are all going to want to visit you, even outside of race season.

If you’re a regular attender at the Del Mar race track, maybe it’s time to join the community. La Jolla luxury homes are coming on the market as the race season draws to a close in early September. It is the prime time to shop for a vacation home in La Jolla or a permanent residence if you want to take advantage of the views-year round.

Give me a call and let me know what you’re looking for in a La Jolla luxury home, so you can be the first one to put in a bid!

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