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Free Tours Of Scripps In La Jolla

May 27, 2014 BY Utechservs

La Jolla California130018982_401_81La Jolla Luxury HomesScripps Institution of Oceanography has been a leading contributor to the research and teaching of marine sciences for over 100 years. Located in La Jolla as an affiliate of the University of California SD, the institute is dedicated to the scientific study of the oceans, earth and planets, sharing their findings with the world.


One of the ways that Scripps shares their knowledge with the public is through free tours that they offer on the first and fourth Fridays each month. These tours are outside tours where attendees can learn what new areas of research are being conducted at the institute, as well as view some of the fantastic architecture and historical buildings at the institute. The tours are from 12 pm – 1pm.


La Jolla is an intriguing community that combines the natural beauty of a typical beach town with science, culture and education around every corner. For those who want more from where they live than just a pretty view, La Jolla offers a wide variety of access to world-class art, music, science and other pursuits. Find out more about real estate and homes for sale in La Jolla by setting an appointment with my office.


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