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Have a Dinner Date with Your Doggy on a La Jolla Restaurant Patio

September 5, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla Restaurant PatiosLa Jolla CaliforniaIn the end of August, the Hotel La Jolla opened its patio to welcome both people and their dogs to celebrate National Dog Day, with contests and prizes geared toward the furry friends many adore as part of their family. Many of the residents who live in a La Jolla luxury home in this phenomenal community own dogs and Hotel La Jolla is not the only place that opens its doors to dogs and their human companions. According to bringfido.com, there are at least 25 restaurants in La Jolla that you can go to with your entire family, including those with wagging tails and four paws. Some of these include:

–      Restorante Piatti. Located in La Jolla Shores, Piatti offers excellent Italian food and a patio where you can bring your dog with you while you enjoy your meal.

–      Nine-Ten. For those with a palate for fresh, organic cuisine, Nine-Ten offers amazing restaurant uses local produce combined into fabulous dishes by award winning chef Jason Knibb. You can bring along your four-legged friend while you eat on the patio, just make sure he wears his best collar!

–      Tapenade. This quaint French bistro offers a fused combination of American and French cuisine, giving your taste buds a treat. Tapenade welcomes dogs, French or not, onto their patio so you can enjoy their incredible fare and the company of your best friend.

Pampered pooches are part of life in La Jolla, where just living here is a pampered experience for the residents. If you are looking for incredible place on the southern California beach to live with you and your family, including the four-legged ones, check out a La Jolla luxury home for sale and make this amazing city a place all of you can live and be pampered.

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