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Hit The La Jolla Beaches For The Annual Grunion Run

March 31, 2014 BY Utechservs

192Ocean View Condo La Jolla130032935_801_81Experience La Jolla beaches in a new way April through June. The annual grunion run will be happening this spring, with hundreds of these small silver fish riding the waves onto the beaches to spawn. The Birch Aquarium is offering special tours to witness this natural phenomenon, giving you a chance to be a part of an amazing event.


The tours will begin with a presentation about the grunion, giving you a chance to see them hatch on screen. Then, with flashlights in hand, hit the beaches to watch the grunion come ashore on the La Jolla beaches in a spectacular event. This is a fantastic evening for anyone who is intrigued by nature, especially young, curious minds. The tours will begin April 1st, with additional tours Aprils 17th and throughout May, ending June 14th.


La Jolla is known for its fantastic beaches, both for grunion and humans alike! It is one of the many reasons so many people desire to call La Jolla home. From luxury mansions to quaint beach bungalows, there are incredible homes for sale in La Jolla right now. To learn more about living the La Jolla life, call me today for the most current home listings.

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