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Home Prices Are Rising! Now Is the Time To Buy A La Jolla Luxury Home

September 4, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla Luxury HomeLa Jolla Luxury HomeLa Jolla Luxury HomeLa Jolla Luxury HomeSan Diego county and La Jolla in particular have seen large increases in home prices over the last year. While other parts of the country have remained stagnant in the real estate market, San Diego and La Jolla have gained momentum, having gains of up to 20% in home sale prices over the same time last year. For those who have been waging whether to buy a La Jolla luxury home, the time to buy is now, before prices go any higher.

To give an example of the difference in prices in La Jolla homes from just a year ago, look at the month of June for 2013 over 2012. The median home price for La Jolla in June 2012 was $1,287,500. Fast forward one year and the median price has increased to $1,780,000. For those looking to buy in this market, that is almost a whopping half million dollars on average, making those who bought last year very happy with their investment.

While San Diego county had an incredible jump in home prices in June over 2012 at 23%, the increase in La Jolla was about 38%, making a substantial difference. Homes are selling faster and the demand for La Jolla luxury homes is increasing, driving the prices even higher. If you want to own a home in this incredible area of southern California, now is the time to start prospecting for your new home.

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