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How to Price Your Home in a Seller’s Market

April 16, 2013 BY Utechservs

How to Price Your HomeWith the prices of homes in San Diego and LaJolla real estate markets on the rise, a real estate listing agent needs to be in touch with current market pricing daily. Some of the old standard pricing strategies don’t apply. Relying on out of date comparisons or last month’s sales strategies won’t provide the best possible selling price.

That’s why I’m constantly checking the most current numbers being offered on a wide variety of property types. My clients count on me to advise them based on what is happening in the market TODAY, not two weeks ago or two months ago. Nothing makes me happier than helping my clients achieve or exceed their sales expectations for their property listing. LaJolla and San Diego real estate markets are hot right now. I’ll make sure you price your home to make a good return on your investment and still sell quickly. Call me for a free market evaluation on your home.

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