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It’s Time to List! San Diego Is a Sellers’ Market!

April 13, 2013 BY Utechservs

San DiegoReal estate inventory is low, which means prices are moving upward. It’s not uncommon these days for sellers in the San Diego area to get multiple offers on their property, or even bids that are over their asking price. The median sales price of detached homes in San Diego has risen 13.9% percent over the last year, which is great news for homeowners that are ready to sell. How long we’ll maintain this upward swing is hard to tell. If you’re considering listing your property, now may be the perfect time to catch the crest of the wave and get your best price.
Even in a sellers market, you need a strong agent on your side able to handle negotiations with multiple offers in a very short time frame. While seasoned agents may present a strong portfolio, their heavy client load can sometimes limit their availability. I pride myself on giving personalized attention to all my clients and treating their listing as if it were my own. I will make sure your home is listed at a price that fits the current market and will provide the guidance necessary to reach the best settlement possible with the offers available. Call me today to get your listing out there while the market is hot!
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