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La Jolla Has A Park For Everyone

October 11, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla California120039868_101_73La Jolla BeachesLiving in La Jolla is almost like living in your own natural park, with ocean views and splendid beaches at every turn. Amidst all this natural beauty are an abundance of parks that you can enjoy a picnic, play with your dog or enjoy a volleyball match with friends and family. There is no shortage of public areas set aside for outdoor fun when locals want to leave their beautiful La Jolla homes and get out in the sun. Here are some ideas for your next park outing in La Jolla:


  • Picnic lovers. There are several great places for an outdoor meal in La Jolla. A fun place for the whole family is La Jolla Shores Park. There is a children’s play area, grills and plenty of grass to relax and have a picnic on. For a more secluded, romantic picnic, try Calumet which is located in Birdrock for a quieter setting, with amazing views from the bluff.
  • Dog lovers. If going to the park means bringing your pooch out to play, La Jolla has the perfect dog park for you. Capehart Park is a dog-friendly park that has two fenced areas for dogs, one for small, one for large and has water available for when your pooch gets thirsty from all that playing!
  • Beach lovers. There are plenty of great beaches in La Jolla. Some of the most popular parks and beaches are Windansea , La Jolla Cove and Kellogg Park. All have their own merits and great places to relax, play and enjoy the beach.


In addition to the public parks, many of the La Jolla luxury mansions have their own park-like landscapes. If you are looking for a home in this amazing community, let me show you the best that La Jolla has to offer!


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