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La Jolla Is More Than Just Luxury Homes

May 22, 2014 BY Utechservs

taj 7902 Roseland Dr, 2La Jolla Mansion120039868_O01_73There is no doubt that living in La Jolla has a certain stigma. It is one of the most beautiful communities in southern California, boasting pristine beaches and incredible luxury mansions overlooking the ocean. However, La Jolla is more than just another upscale beach town; this community is dedicated to arts, music, culture and preserving nature, among other incredible attributes.


What La Jolla Has To Offer

If you are considering buying a home in the San Diego area, you probably already know that La Jolla has some of the most desirable properties available. These homes currently average in price just below $3 million, with many escalating to $10 million and beyond. Yes, homeowners in La Jolla are paying extra to be part of this exclusive community, but there is more than just beaches that come with having a home in this town. Some of the other amenities this area has to offer includes:


  • Fantastic shopping and dining
  • Low crime
  • Top rated schools
  • Top notch arts, music and culture


Living the La Jolla life is an incredible experience that only a small percentage of those living in the San Diego area get the pleasure of knowing. If you want to learn more about the advantages of living in La Jolla, call me to set up a personal appointment. I have had the privilege of serving the homeowners of this community for many years, so let me share with you my knowledge of the fantastic neighborhoods and homes for sale in La Jolla.

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