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La Jolla Symphony & Chorus Presents The Piano Concerto Of Lou Harrison

February 3, 2014 BY Utechservs

7400-35490 Calumet Ave La Jolla CA 92037- 2130026373_A01_81Living the La Jolla life has its benefits, including incredible cultural events almost every week of the year. This week is no exception, with several opportunities to enjoy shows and concerts. One of these events is the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus presentation of the Piano Concerto of Lou Harrison, an accomplished, although fairly unknown composer, performed by Sarah Cahill. In addition, there will be performances of the classic Berlioz’s Roman Carnival Overture and Brahms’ autumnal final symphony.


The concerts will be held on both Saturday February 8th at 7:30 pm and Sunday the 9th at 2:30 pm at the Mandeville Auditorium, UC San Diego. Tickets are available by calling 858-534-4637 or through the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus website.


It is concerts like these that add to the culture that La Jolla is famous for. The richness of art, music and theater along with the natural beauty and sense of community are a large part of what makes La Jolla such an amazing place to live. For information about homes for sale in La Jolla, call me to schedule an appointment and find out for yourself what it is like to live the La Jolla life!

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