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Learn More About La Jolla’s Rich History at the Ellen Browning Scripps Luncheon

September 23, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla CALa Jolla Luxury HomesCountry Club of La Jolla CaliforniaFor many, La Jolla may just seem like just another beautiful beach community, filled with interesting things to do and see. Others see the La Jolla luxury mansions and think it is only a getaway for the privileged few. However, La Jolla has a rich history that gives the community depth and character beyond its exterior beauty. The La Jolla Historical Society has worked hard for decades to preserve and share this history with locals and visitors alike, with community exhibits such as lectures, workshops and special annual events. One such event is approaching in October, the Ellen Browning Scripps Luncheon.

Ellen Browning Scripps is one of the people who helped build La Jolla to what it is today with generous donations to what was then just a small artist community. She moved to La Jolla in 1896 and with her wealth and vision brought so much good and beauty to the area. Each year the La Jolla Historical Society honors her memory with a luncheon to commemorate her birthday. This year the luncheon will be on October 19th at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. Reservations to attend must be made before October 11th through  the Society. There will be a keynote speaker, lecture, silent auction and of course, lunch!

The more you learn about La Jolla’s history, the more you will want to be a part of this fantastic community. Whether you want a place to get away from it all or are looking for a permanent place to call home, there are La Jolla luxury homes available right now. Come for the luncheon and stay to look at some of these fabulous properties with me as your guide!

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