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Local La Jolla Gift Ideas

December 5, 2013 BY Utechservs

149La Jolla CA130026373_501_81Although La Jolla has incredible shopping with some of the best known brands in the world, it also has a treasure trove of locally owned shops. While there is nothing wrong with buying name brand items, it is also important to support small businesses during the holiday season. In addition to supporting local businesses that make La Jolla unique and memorable, these local stores may just have the perfect gift for your loved ones!


  • La Jolla Cove Gifts. Want to give a gift from La Jolla? La Jolla Cove Gifts offers La Jolla gear, trinkets, Christmas ornaments and many other items that uniquely say “La Jolla”.
  • Warwicks. Shopping Warwick’s is tradition in La Jolla. The nations oldest continuously family-owned bookstore has been in La Jolla for generations and is a perfect place to find gifts.
  • Everett Stunz. For a small town, La Jolla has incredible stores that are known world-wide like Everett Stunz. Give the gift of a good nights sleep in luxury beds and bedding.


Of course this is just a tiny sample of all the unique and fantastic local shops that La Jolla has to offer. While shopping in La Jolla for gifts for others, take the time to shop for the best gift you can give you or your family: a new home in La Jolla! Call me today to schedule an appointment to see all the homes for sale in La Jolla right now!

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