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Loving Life In La Jolla

October 3, 2013 BY Utechservs

130024344_O01_73La Jolla MuralsLa Jolla MansionThere are few places in the U.S. or in the world as beautiful and tranquil as La Jolla. Luxury homes pepper the cliffs looking over some of the most pristine beaches on the west coast, with perfect weather almost every day of the year. There is almost no humidity and only about 10 inches of rain a year, with temperatures never too hot or too cold. Of course you will see a little fog most mornings but it just is the curtain that opens to show off the beautiful sunshine that fills the rest of most days in La Jolla.


If it sounds like paradise, that is because in many people’s eyes, it is. Beyond the natural beauty and the amazing La Jolla luxury homes, this is an artistic community with all the art, music, shopping and dining that you could need or want. It is what makes this such a sought after area to live, whether it is full time or as an amazing getaway on the weekends.


Even in the slumped economy, homes in La Jolla have been selling fast and their prices are continually increasing. If you have been considering buying property in this excellent area, now is the time to buy before prices soar even higher. Let me show you some of the incredible luxury homes that will have you loving life in La Jolla as well!

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