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Median Home Sales Prices Jump In La Jolla

January 23, 2014 BY Utechservs

la jolla luxury home120039868_L01_13130024853_N01_142014 is starting off with a jump in the median sales price in La Jolla. Homes for sales are continuing the increase that was seen throughout 2013, making it an excellent time to buy a new home in La Jolla. If this trend continues, buying now could mean a large savings off any home in this beautiful community and be a great investment for the future.


La Jolla Market Trends For January 2014

For the week ending January 8th, 2014, there were several areas that increased over the same period last year. Some of the largest jumps included:


  • 37.6% increase in median sales price. This is a $297,000 increase in price over last year.
  • 10.9% increase in average price per square foot. The average increased to $592 for homes sold October 2013-January 2014.
  • Increase in listing price. In La Jolla, zip codes 91917, 92008 and 91906 all had significant jumps in listing prices for the week ending January 8th over the previous week.


It looks 2014 will be another great year for real estate in La Jolla! If you are ready to invest in one of these incredible properties in one of the most desirable areas in southern California, let me show you some of the homes for sale in La Jolla!

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