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Romneys Get Permit Approved For Luxury Mansion In La Jolla

October 12, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla Luxury HomesLa Jolla Country Clubmodern-real-estate-in-la-jolla FARMS MAGESTIC HOME-kat-4After two years of fighting to get their permit to replace their 3,000 square foot La Jolla home with a new 11,000 square foot luxury mansion, Mitt and Ann Romney have final been approved. Initially they were approved but a neighbor claimed that the plan was against city guidelines and would also affect the access to the beach, so he challenged the permit. The home will be two-stories tall and will include a 4,500 square foot basement that will be larger than the home that currently sits on the property.


The Romney family bought the home in 2008 during Mitt’s presidential campaign. Although it took two years and quite a battle to get their permit to build their dream home in La Jolla, they are now set to move forward with their plan.


Getting a new, larger La Jolla luxury mansion does not need to take two years and a legal battle. There are many gorgeous homes on the market today that are waiting you to move in. If you already live in La Jolla, I can list your home for you and we can begin shopping for your new home. Let me show you the amazing luxury homes that are available in La Jolla today!

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