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Sunshine Is Waiting For You In La Jolla

February 28, 2014 BY Utechservs

birdrockLa Jolla Luxury Homes130018982_101_81For most of the country this has been a rough winter, with extreme storms and cold temperatures. However, here in La Jolla, winter is just a slightly cooler phase of incredible weather that is here all year round. La Jolla has one of the most temperate winter weather patterns in the country, with average highs ranging between 65-69 from December to May. If you are tired of extreme winter weather, La Jolla is the place to live!


Another benefit to the weather in La Jolla is that even in summer, the temperatures stay mild. The summer months only raise the daily average highs into the 70’s, making it perfect beach weather. For those who have battled with cold winters and scorching hot summers, it really can seem like paradise.


Whether you are looking to move permanently or just want a vacation home in La Jolla, homes for sale in this community are available. Choose from the higher end La Jolla luxury homes or invest in one of the condos for sale. Find out why so many love living the La Jolla life! Call me today to learn more!

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