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Super Hero Mansions – La Jolla CA Has Its Fair Share

August 27, 2013 BY Utechservs

Mansions La Jolla CAMansions La Jolla CAILa Jolla Farmsf super heroes did exist, some believe they just might be found in one of the mansions La Jolla, CA has to offer. The current one up for debate is The Razor Residence, a real life Tony Stark home that perches on a cliff overlooking the ocean. This 11,000 square foot mansion made of glass and concrete is so similar to the one portrayed in the Iron Man movie that many are wondering if maybe Iron Man really does exist. Even though this home is impressive and touted for its amazing architecture and luxury, it is only one of the mansions La Jolla, CA has that could pass for the home to a super hero.

Dotted along the cliffs and shoreline overlooking the Pacific ocean, there are hundreds of sprawling mansions that may just be hiding a super hero behind their walls. Some of the most renowned include:

− Exquisite Villa Paradiso Estate. This “jewel” of a home has one of the only freshwater oceanfront pools in the area that allows its residents to enjoy the seclusion of their own pool while gazing out upon the ocean view.
− Mediterranean Masterpiece. La Jolla Farms is home to one of the most spectacular mansions in the area. Situated on 5.5 acres, this amazing home is one of the largest single family homes built on a steel frame and is estimated to be worth over $34 million.

Of course not only super heroes live in mansions. La Jolla, CA is home to many celebrities and other successful professionals that own homes in this desirable community. Are you a secret super hero looking for a mansion to disguise your identity? I can help you find the perfect super hero mansion in La Jolla, CA.

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