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The History of La Jolla Real Estate

July 11, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla Real EstateIn 1869 the first La Jolla real estate transaction took place, when two brothers each purchase a plot of land in the La Jolla section of San Diego. They became the first permanent settlers in the area. Then in 1886 Frank Terrill Botsford took La Jolla real estate to the next level, as a developer. Mr Botsford plotted off the land with the help of Mr. George Heald and auctioned off the parcels.

As with many cities during that era, it was when the railroad extended its reach to La Jolla that the population really began to boom. Homes and cottages were being built in this coastal suburb of San Diego and the La Jolla Park Hotel welcomed visitors with three stories, housing 80 rooms. Even in those early days, art enthusiasts and those accustomed to living in luxury found themselves drawn to this seaside community.

In 1913 a new hotel was built (the Park Hotel having long since burned to the ground). The Grande Colonial Hotel was a luxury establishment and has stood the test of time, still standing yet today. By the 1930’s resorts began to develop to provide accommodations along the La Jolla beaches for the Hollywood stars who chose to make La Jolla their destination for relaxation and fun.

The name La Jolla means “the jewel.” With its pristine beaches and luxurious homes, La Jolla real estate is some of the most desirable along the Pacific Coast. If you’d like purchase your piece of this “jewel,” give me a call. I’ll help you find a piece of property with lots of sparkle!

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