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The “Lorax” Returns to His La Jolla Mansion Home

September 1, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla MansionsLa Jolla Shores of CaliforniaLa Jolla Heights of CaliforniaOne of La Jolla’s many famous residents is Audrey Geisel, the wife of the famed Dr. Seuss, Theodor Geisel. In March 2012, a thief stole the bronze statue of the memorable Dr. Seuss character, the “Lorax”, from her home in La Jolla, a gift from her daughter. Despite pleas for its return and a police investigation, the statue was not found, a heart-breaking loss for the long time La Jolla resident. Over a year later in the beginning of August 2013, a man in Montana revealed that the beloved statue was in fact still in La Jolla, hidden just off Country Club Drive in a canyon.

Theodor Geisel had lived in La Jolla since the late 1940’s, writing most of his endearing children’s books while living in this beautiful community. The statue was a gift to his wife Audrey from her daughter and was treasured not for its value but the sentiment it represented. Now, after a year hidden only miles away, the “Lorax” has finally made its way back to his home among the La Jolla mansions.

Both Theodor and Audrey have long been loved by the community and have given so much back over the years. The La Jolla Farms Geisel Home was donated to the UCSD along with millions of dollars and thousands of prized personal drawings, sketches and books done by the late Theodor Geisel. The return of the “Lorax” to its home here in La Jolla is a relief to everyone.

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