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The Most Cost Effective Home Improvements For La Jolla Homes

September 6, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla Home ImprovementsLa Jolla Luxury HomeLa Jolla Luxury HomeOne thing the poor economy did for home owners is decrease the costs of home improvements. Over the last five years, it is estimated that the costs of home improvements have decreased by up to 15%. This can make it a great time to do improvements to your La Jolla luxury home, whether you already own or are looking to buy. However, not all improvements have the same added value, so knowing which improvements will have the best return on investment can be important to home owners who are planning to sell in the next few years.

The main improvements that will add both curb appeal and value to your home are replacing exterior surfaces that give the home a new look. Some of the top projects that gain the most for your investment include:

–      New roofing. One of the first things home inspectors look at is the condition of a home’s roof. Many area home owners are choosing to upgrade to roofing tiles for their long-life and attractive addition to a La Jolla home.

–      New windows. Both the look and the energy efficiency of new windows can increase your homes value.

–      Replacing garage doors. The look of your garage door can add a certain pizazz to your home. Custom carriage style doors or beautifully crafted wood garage doors are some of the looks that give the impression of luxury and opulence.

Whether you already own a La Jolla mansion or are considering buying a home and adding your own improvements, knowing which projects will gain the most return on your investment can help you decide which are worth spending the time and money on. However, the most important improvements for many are the ones that make your La Jolla house feel more like your home, regardless of what effect it has on the value.

Give me a call and I’ll be happy to estimate the current market value of your home and give you counsel on any home improvements you’re considering before listing your home on the market.

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