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The Vessels Ranch

June 10, 2014 BY Utechservs

5820 W Lilac Road- Bonsall Ca -105820 W Lilac Road- Bonsall Ca -35820 W Lilac Road- Bonsall Ca -55820 W Lilac Road- Bonsall Ca -75820 W Lilac Road Bonsall CAIf 5820 W Lilac Road Bonsall Ca -1owning a southern California equine ranch has been your dream or you are looking for an investment property, the Vessels Ranch may be ideal purchase. Located on 1,390 acres of land, the ranch consists of four homes, several barns and other out buildings. In addition, the property currently generates $470,000 in annual income from its current activities and leases, not including equine activities. It is a beautiful piece of real estate that has potential for many areas of growth.


Homes And Property

The Vessel Ranch has four homes, one which is the current residence property, and three other smaller wood built homes. The main residence is a beautiful Mediterranean-style 3-bedroom home with 7,865 square feet of living space in its two stories. The home has 4 bathrooms, a large living room, game room, dining room with a master suite and two guest bedrooms. The home boasts panoramic views, with a four car garage and a small guest house. Outside, there is a pool, spa, courtyard, orchid house and phenomenal landscaping throughout the residential area of the property.


Equine Facilities

Although the property brings in income from various sources, including an agriculture lease, avocado grove and cell towers, the main focus of the ranch is equine. The property is designed to breed and raise horses, with the facilities geared toward that aim. Facilities include:


  • Barns. There are several equine buildings, including a 72,960 sq. ft. mare motel, breeding shed, stallion barn, hay shed, foaling barn and maintenance shed.
  • Pastures and fencing. The pastures and pens for horses include over 100,000 lineal feet of fencing, with some pens covered.
  • Irrigation and roads. The pastures and property include three man-made ponds plus irrigation. Roads both paved and unpaved run throughout the property to facilitate the equine operations.


For anyone looking to invest in the American west, this is the perfect opportunity. With a beautiful home and many possibilities for income with the equine operations and other income generation, it is an incredible opportunity. The property is located in north San Diego county, near Bosnall at 5820 W Lilac Road. There is much more I can share with you about this amazing property. To learn more, call me today!

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