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There Are Still Two Haute La Jolla Nights Left For 2013

September 9, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla Luxury HomesLa Jolla EntertainmentLa Jolla EntertainmentIf you just love a reason to visit La Jolla or are lucky enough to already live in one of the luxury La Jolla homes in this beautiful community, there are two more Haute La Jolla Nights events left to come this fall. The free event is in the la Jolla Village and features music, art and plenty of incentives to dine and shop while you are taking in the entertainment. The next two events are on September 14th and November 16th and will include:

–      Music. There will be a variety of music at several locations throughout the Village for you to enjoy by some of the areas top artists. Whether you prefer jazz, blues, country or just good old rock-n-roll, there is something for everyone.

–      Drinks and dining. Many restaurants and lounges are offering great food and drink specials for the event, giving people more incentive to make the most of the night.

–      Art exhibits. La Jolla’s art galleries are geared up for these events with new exhibits and art for you to enjoy and even purchase.

–      Shopping. Plenty of shops and boutiques throughout La Jolla will be keeping their doors open late to welcome shoppers to take advantage of special discounts and many are offering drawings for fabulous prizes.

The festivities officially begin at 6 pm in the Village, however if you are coming from out of town, why not make a day of it? If you have been considering moving to La Jolla or are looking to buy a La Jolla luxury home, take the day and look at some of the fantastic properties on the market. Why just come  for the day when you can find the home of your dreams and have a permanent residence in La Jolla?

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