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Tips to Make Your San Diego Move Go Smoother

April 23, 2013 BY Utechservs

San Diego HomeWhen you’re moving from one home to another, even if it is just to a new neighborhood in San Diego, it’s easy to forget some important details. Here’s some tips to help you stay on top of everything during this hectic time.

  • Make a list of contacts who will need to be notified of your change of address. It is important to do this several weeks before the move actually takes place to avoid and break in communication. Your list should include professionals and institutions such as your employer, medical providers, your children’s schools, your attorney, your banks and lenders, utility companies and magazine subscriptions. Friends and family members need to be informed as well, but be sure to give professional and business contacts the highest priority and plenty of lead time.
  • Moving time is the best time for paring down your possessions. You don’t want to be packing and moving items that are no longer being used. Go through closets and pull out clothes and accessories that haven’t been worn in the last year. Get rid of books and decor items that are simply collecting dust. The same goes for the kitchen. If there are gadgets that you really don’t use, don’t bring them to the new house to take up space. Moving sales are one way to get rid of excess items. Loading it all up and donating to a charity organization can be an even quicker way to avoid the hassle.
  • Label boxes with at least the room they belong to. A general description of the contents can be helpful as well when unpacking. This will minimize the time spent looking for important items as you unpack at the new house.

Moving from one home to another can be both exciting and stressful. Taking time to organize your tasks will help it all go smoother.

If you’re thinking about moving and haven’t listed your San Diego home yet, give me a call. I’ll make sure the sale goes smoothly too.

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