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Trade Snow For Sand In La Jolla

December 13, 2013 BY Utechservs

130032935_801_81La Jolla Country Club130024853_M01_83It may not be a white Christmas in La Jolla, however for those enjoying living the La Jolla life, it is compromise that most are willing to make. The warm weather and amazing views of the Pacific may not embody the typical holiday scene found on cards and Thomas Kinkade paintings, but who needs snow when you can play in the sand?


La Jolla Beaches

Although the west coastline has many beaches stretching the length of California, there are few that can compete with those found in La Jolla. What makes La Jolla unique is the pristine waters and protected beaches that are ideal for spending time on both the beaches and the water. There is a diverse variety of beaches, from the sand of La Jolla Shores to the reef at Hospitals. There are shelter beaches great for snorkeling, kayaking and swimming along with rocky beaches full of tide pools and incredible views of ocean life.


Whether you already live in southern California or are looking to move to this area from the northern states where snow is more common than sand, La Jolla is a beautiful place to call home. There are amazing homes for sale in La Jolla right now that give excellent views and access to these beautiful beaches. If you are ready to learn more about owning a home in La Jolla, call me today!

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