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Visit La Jolla Beaches This Summer

May 19, 2014 BY Utechservs

1435-1La Jolla Luxury Homes130032935_601_81With Memorial Day just a few weeks away and summer around the corner, its time to plan a trip to ocean! If you are looking for wonderful beaches for your summer vacation, you can not beat the incredible beaches of La Jolla. Although all of southern California is known for its beautiful beaches and perfect weather, La Jolla has some of the most pristine and calm beaches to visit. If you have not visited La Jolla before, make this the summer you take the time to find out why this area is called “the jewel” of San Diego.


La Jolla offers miles and miles of beaches along its shores of the Pacific, with moderate temperatures that rarely go above 90 degrees, even in the summer. What makes these beaches special is how well they are maintained, as well as the natural wind breaks that make them easy to enjoy. When visiting La Jolla, make sure to take in the most popular beaches including:


  • La Jolla Shores
  • Black’s Beach
  • La Jolla Cove


While you are visiting La Jolla, you will undoubtedly notice the majestic homes that look over the beaches of La Jolla. If owning a beach home has always been your dream, take this opportunity to discover what La Jolla has to offer. There are amazing homes for sale in La Jolla, both for permanent residents and those looking for a fantastic beach home getaway. Call me to schedule an appointment while your in La Jolla to find out more about buying a home or condo in La Jolla.

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