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What to Look for in a La Jolla Listing Agent

August 13, 2013 BY Utechservs

La Jolla Listing Agent One of the biggest complaints that clients give about listing agents is poor communication. When you’re selling a luxury home in La Jolla, California, you deserve to have a listing agent that listening to what you have to say and keeps you apprised of marketing strategies and offers. When interviewing each La Jolla listing agent be sure to take the following items into consideration.

1. Will they be available to personally take your call seven days a week? Many listing agents relegate their clients to their assistants once the contract is signed. My clients appreciate the fact that they can call my personal cell phone any day of the week and know that I will answer or call them back in short order.

2. Do they make you feel at ease? This may seem a bit subjective, but your listing agent needs to be someone whom you feel very comfortable with on a personal level. They are handling the sale of one of your biggest asset; there needs to be a strong trust level between you and your La Jolla listing agent. Many of my clients remain close friends after the closing of their home sale, due to the strong personal connection built during the process.

La Jolla Listing Agent3. Are they intimately familiar with the current real estate market? A listing agent who has been in real estate for several decades can get often rely on past experience in making decisions. With the quickly changing markets of today, you should look for a La Jolla listing agent that is up to date, but still has some years of experience working in the La Jolla real estate market.

My reputation as a top La Jolla listing agent has been built around my strong client relationships and service that goes above and beyond that which you will receive from most any other realty agent. My clients are like family to me. They deserve, and get, the very best I have to offer.

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