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Why La Jolla, CA Real Estate is a Hot Commodity

April 2, 2013 BY Utechservs

Wall-to-wall transparency allows unconstrained views from ocean to sky, La Jolla Home CA 92037 kat 10

Home ownership is no longer the long-term investment it once was. Few people are living in the same home today that they were living in ten years ago. Because of this, resale value is an important concern for home shoppers.

When it comes to La Jolla, CA real estate, resale values are seldom a concern. With the breathtaking natural beauty of the Pacific coast, world class shopping and a thriving culinary culture make La Jolla, CA real estate a hot commodity that holds its value and its appeal to buyers from locations around the globe.

In La Jolla,  you have first class museums, universities and unfettered access to one of the nation’s most beautiful beaches. This makes La Jolla, CA real estate some of the most desirable in the United States. Whether you’re a beach bum in search of the perfect seaside retreat, a champion of intellectual pursuits or a lover of high fashion, there’s something for everyone in our wonderful community.

For true theater buffs, the La Jolla Playhouse, founded by Gregory Peck, Mel Ferrer and Dorothy McGuire is a big draw. It was the recipient of the 1993 Tony Award for America’s Outstanding Regional Theatre and acts as the hub of the community’s theater culture. With all that La Jolla has to offer, it’s easy to see why it’s name was inspired by the Spanish word for “jewel!”

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